Overlooked Control Valves Causing Issues in Oil & Gas

Control valves are used to control flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid levels, they are also known as the Final Control Element.  Control valves are important and, when faulty, can cause major damage.  A control valve is part of a larger valve assembly and if any of these valves stop working, any component of the assembly could potentially be at risk.  Your control valve could be leaking internally or externally, it could be sticking, or simply just does not work anymore.

When faced with any control valve repairs, you will want to find a certified repair company.  They will provide you with regular care and maintenance, while keeping costs lower.  In order to perform at the ideal and desired performance level, the control valves should not be overlooked.  They are important when it comes to the plant running smoothly and efficiently.  Control valves can minimize waste and also control energy efficiency.

The control valve has three main parts: the actuator, positioner, and body.  The actuator converts fluid pressure into motion.  The positioner controls the opening or closing of the actuator, and the body serves as the control center of the assembly.  Control valves are essential, but are commonly overlooked.  Control valves help improve efficiency and productivity, along with providing quality control.

In order to maximize plant efficiency, repair and maintenance are important. A scheduled plant shutdown might be necessary to perform any maintenance that is needed.  Control valves are overlooked because some engineers might not be as familiar with parts that concern the control valves.  This may cause the valves to be neglected or overlooked.  The two main areas to be concerned about when it comes to good control valves are the low dead band of the actuator, and tight shutoff.  The operator needs to make sure that all the mechanisms remain stable so that the assembly can run smoothly and flawlessly.

Control valves are important and aid in the proper running of a plant and all of its parts.  Final control elements are considered the hands of the central loop.  All of the parts work together and need to be watched and maintained to ensure the entire system continues to run smoothly.

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